Softsole – Exfoliating Foot Peel | Testimonials


What are people are saying about Softsole?

Soft, smooth and fresh looking!

So ten days on, my feet are bloomin’ gorgeous! They’re just so soft and smooth and fresh looking. And it will be easy to keep the results by doing a weekly file. I can imagine it doing wonders for those of you who do have problem areas on the sole of your feet.


Extremely smooth, baby-soft tootsies!

Results-wise, I was mucho impressed. I only seem to suffer with hard skin on my heels and the edges of my big toes so, there wasn’t much for the Softsole gel to work on. Nevertheless, almost the entirety of both feet shed a full layer of skin, leaving me with extremely smooth, baby-soft tootsies!


Makes feet soft again

I really love this product, I tend to use it every three months. I am on my feet all day and they get very dry and sometimes smelly. I usually pop on a movie and put my feet into the little foot bags that come with the product and soak my feet for a good hour.


A month later, my soles are still soft

Firstly the condition of my feet before I used this wasn’t bad. They weren’t cracked or anything but they were a little bit dry. I love this product, I really do. It has been about month since I used this and my soles are still nice and soft.