Softsole – Exfoliating Foot Peel | Softer Skin in Just 2 Weeks

See The Amazing Results. Achieve softer supple skin with Softsole intensive exfoliating formula. Removes dry cracked skin from your feet.



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About Softsole

Discover what this intensive foot exfoliation system could do for YOUR feet.


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About Softsole

1000 Hour Softsole is a safe and effective at-home treatment designed to exfoliate your feet. The exfoliating foot peel softens calluses and cracked heals, and removes hardened skin from your feet. Softsole contains natural ingredients including salicylic acid, castor oil, glycolic acid, lemon extract, and vitamin E to encourage the shedding of dead skin cells and to remove dry, hard skin from your feet.

The Softsole kit contains one pair of foot wraps, one pair of protective socks, an after-peel moisturiser, a patch test sachet, an instruction leaflet and a zip-lock bag for safe disposal of the used wraps and socks.


  • Softens Calluses and Cracked Heels.
  • Clinically Tested Results.
  • Easy & Convenient.
  • I run every day and I'd given up on having nice feet. Softsole was so easy to use and the results were amazing. I'd recommended it to anyone.

    – Trish 37

  • Working on my feet all day really effects my feet. I'm happy I've finally found a product that is so effective. Softsole is really worth trying.

    – Paula, 48